Christmas is coming! Have you prepared any gifts for your loved one? How about baking DIY cookies? Let us assist you to make a specific gift.
Now we offer a Christmas DIY Cookies Course: You can DIY specific cookies of different shapes and flavors, you also can create your DIY style and image on the cookies by using different sugar icing. It is memorable on receiving delicious DIY cookies.
The course includes:
1. Cookies making
2. Tutor’s instruction
Duration: 2.5 hours
Fee: HK$250/person
Don’t you want to make a unique present for your lored in this special festival? What are you hesitating for? Come and sign up for the course!
Any further enquiries, please contact our Mr. Chan on 3105 0551 or email to
Note: There should be at least 4 members in each course. Should there be any dispute, the decision of Soft Aroma shall be final.
1. 製造曲奇
2. 導師講解

查詢及報名詳情,請電3105 0551或電郵至 與陳先生聯絡。

註:此課程須4位以上 (如人數不足,會因應情況而決定是否開班。如有任何爭議,將以Soft Aroma之決定為最終議決。)